We welcome your feedback, questions, or suggestions for Te Kāhui Māngai. Use the form below or email to tekahuimangai@tpk.govt.nz.

Please note: this email only goes to Te Kāhui Māngai; it does not go to any iwi organisations.


To representative Māori organisations that have information on Te Kāhui Māngai

You will be aware that Te Kāhui Māngai is entirely dependent upon you to keep your information up to date. In particular this applies to matters such as contact details – especially email and postal addresses, telephone numbers and names of office holders.

A key goal of Te Kāhui Māngai is that government agencies have access to an authoritative list of representative organisations so that they can contact you as appropriate. This function will fail if we cannot keep your contact details up to date.

We send regular reminder to all organisations to check Te Kāhui Māngai and advise us of any changes. However, if any changes occur in between our reminders please tell us using this Contact Us form.