Marae on Te Kāhui Māngai are grouped into Tribal Marae (based on whakapapa) and Non-Tribal Marae which are further grouped into Urban/Community Marae and Institutional Marae.

Tribal Marae

These marae are linked to iwi/hapū/whānau through whakapapa.
Use Iwi by Map to find iwi, under each iwi, you will find information on their associated marae.

Non-Tribal Marae (Urban/Community & Institutional)

These marae are not based on whakapapa.
Urban/Community Marae are typically pan-tribal and server the wider community.
Institutional Marae are specifically associated with a local school, polytechnic, university, church, branch of the armed forces, social service provider, or other institution.
You will find Non-Tribal Marae here.