Ngāti Hauā is part of the Waikato-Tainui confederation.

Population: Census 2013: 5,598 (does not include 987 "Ngāti Hauā region unspecified")

Rohe map for Ngāti Hauā.

This rohe map represents the area over which Ngāti Hauā exercises kaitiakitanga for the purposes of the Resource Management Act 1991 and is based on the Area of Interest agreed between Ngāti Hauā and the Crown in the Deed of Settlement signed on 18 July 2013. Ngāti Hauā Area of Interest from the Deed of Settlement [JPG, 192KB].

This rohe extends into the regions or districts of these local authorities:

Regional Council
Waikato Regional Council
Territorial Authority
Waikato District Council
Hamilton City Council
Matamata-Piako District Council
Waipā District Council
South Waikato District Council

Contact information for hapū and marae may be provided by the Representative Organisation at their discretion.





Ngāti Rangi Tawhaki Raungaiti Te Oro 6425 SH27, Waharoa
Ngāti Te Oro Raungaiti Te Oro 6425 SH27, Waharoa
  Te Iti a Hauā (Tauwhare) Hauā 780 Tauwhare Road, Hamilton
Ngāti Te Rangitaupi Te Iti a Hauā (Tauwhare) Hauā 780 Tauwhare Road, Hamilton
Ngāti Waenganui Te Iti a Hauā (Tauwhare) Hauā 780 Tauwhare Road, Hamilton
  Waimakariri Waenganui 819 Victoria Road, Hamilton
Ngāti Werewere Kai a Te Mata Wairere 7 Kereone Road, Morrinsville
  Rukumoana (The Top Pā) Werewere 536 Morrinsville-Walton Road, Morrinsville
  Te Iti a Hauā (Tauwhare) Hauā 780 Tauwhare Road, Hamilton

Iwi Representative Organisations

1 Iwi Representative Organisation:

Ngāti Hauā Iwi Trust

Last updated: 15/06/2023

Post-Treaty settlement governance entity. Post-Treaty settlement governance entity [ Ngāti Hauā Claims Settlement Act 2014 ].

Resource Management Act consultation. Represents Ngāti Hauā as an "iwi authority" for the purposes of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Legal entity: Common Law Trust

Governance structure: One representative from each of five marae and three elected at hui-a-iwi.

Chair: Mokoro Gillett

CEO/GM: Lisa Gardiner

RMA Contact: Lisa Gardiner Ph: 07 889 5049 Email:

Postal Address:
PO Box 270,
Morrinsville 3300.

Physical Address:
19a Allen Street,

Phone: 07 889 5049

Mobile: 021 764 133