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Mai te Puaha o Waikato ki te Puaha o Kaipara kei te Uru. Mai Te Puaha o Kaipara ki Mangawhai kei te Raki. Mai Mangawhai ki Waitakaruru-Piako kei te Rāwhiti. Mai Waitakaruru-Piako ki Pukekawa, ka hokia ki te Puaha o Waikato kei te Tonga. Ko te Moananui o Rehua, Ko Ngā Tai o Kaipara ki Te Tonga, Ko Mangawhai, Ko Waitemata me Te Manukanuka a Hoturoa ngā moana. Ko Waikato te Awa. Ko Puketapu, Ko Maungawhau, Ko Maungakiekie, Ko Maungarei, Ko Matukutureia, Ko Te Ngāherehere o Kohukohunui kei waenganui. From the mouth of the Waikato River to the mouth of the Kaipara in the West. From the mouth of the Kaipara across to Mangawhai in the North. From Mangawhai to Waitakaruru-Piako in the East. From Waitakaruru-Piako to Pukekawa returning to the mouth of the Waikato in the South. The Tasman Sea, Southern shores of the Kaipara Harbour, Waitemata and Manukau Harbours including the Waikato River are the water ways. Puketapu, Maungawhau, Maungakiekie, Maungarei, Matukututureia and the Hunua Ranges are in between. (Rohe description taken from Ngāti Te Ata September 2010 Deed of Mandate submitted to the Crown).

This rohe extends into the regions or districts of these local authorities:

Regional Council
Auckland Council
Territorial Authority
Auckland Council

Contact information for hapū and marae may be provided by the Representative Organisation at their discretion.

Hapū are associated with all Marae.



Ngāti Hana
Ngāti Huiau
Ngāti Kahukoka
Ngāti Kaihe
Ngāti Pare Tawhaki
Ngāti Paretaua
Ngāti Puaki
Ngāti Rori
Ngāti Rua
Ngāti Urupikia
Te Iwi Ware
Te Kainga Ahi
Te Kaitapu
Te Mauungaunga
Te Rangatirakore
Te Uri Ngahu
Te Uri O Tawhaki
Te Uri O Te Oro
Te Uri Raro
Te Whānau Pani





Tāhuna Teuwira Tāhuna Pā Road, Waiuku

Iwi Representative Organisations

1 Iwi Representative Organisation:

Ngāti Te Ata Claims Support Whānau Trust

Last updated: 12/04/2022

Mandate recognised by the Crown for Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiations. Mandate recognised by the Crown for Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiations.

Tūhono organisation. Tūhono organisation.

Legal entity: Common Law Trust

Governance structure: Five trustees elected at hui-a-iwi 3 July 2010.

Chair: Josie Smith

Postal Address:
6 Preston Ave,
Auckland 0610.

Physical Address:
6 Preston Ave,

Mobile: 022 497 1340

Email: josiesmithnz@gmail.com